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Alfred Boucher 1850-1934 Baigneuse Marbre.jpg


CandiceRaquelLee-After-the-Storm 2005.jpg

Paolo Troubetzkoy - dancer 1912 The J. Paul Getty Museum (detail).jpg

Paolo Troubetzkoy - dancer 1912 The J. Paul Getty Museum.jpg

art - Female dancer (1 - 100) leiden Rijksmuseum van Oudheden.jpg

barry x ball - sommeil hermaphrodite (2008)      (autres oeuvres)      (taille reelle)

barry x ball - sommeil hermaphrodite 2008 paris louvre.jpg

christien Dutoit.jpg

christien Dutoit2.jpg

christien Dutoit3.jpg


Charles CORDIER - femme nubienne (1851)

A student of François Rude, Charles Cordier (Cambrai, 1827- Algiers, 1905) occupies a special place in French sculpture of the late 19th century. His 1847 encounter with Seïd Enkess, a former black slave turned model, determined the course of his career and marked the beginnings of his great plan to represent human diversity. His "anthropological and ethnographical gallery" p ...
cordier (charles) - femme nubienne 1851 le havre, Musee d art moderne Andre Malraux.jpg